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* HF-2000 & HF-2500 power switch sequence
1. Turn on sequence: <br>
(1)Plug in 110V or 220V single phase 50/60 HZ.<br>
(2)Turn on main electric box power supply to ON. <br>
(3)On the electronic box, turn on alarm system either auto or manual. <br>
(4)Turn on switch power on the generator front panel, red light will be on on the lamp. <br>
(5)Start HEAT bottom, adjust frequency. <br>
(6)Set up conveyor speed. <br>
2. Turn off sequence: <br>
(1) Press STOP on the generator front panel board.<br>
(2) Turn OFF of generator switch power.<br>
(3) Electric box on the conveyor (or without), please turn off. <br>
a.Turn on Sequence: From down to up turn on.<br>
b.Turn off Sequence: From dwon to up turn off.<br>

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