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* The difference between HF-2000 & HF-2500
** MODEL: HF-2000

* VOLTAGE: 2000W

1) Generator and coil separted
2) Aluminum foil detector & reject device are option.
3) Alarm system
4) Cheaper than HF-2500
5) Save more repair payment because you could only change coil or generator.

1) 3 different sizes of coil
*Coil Size:(16~60mm,16~80mm,60~120mm)
2) Production line is slow than HF-2500

** MODEL: HF-2500

* VOLTAGE: 2500W

1) Generator & Coil Combines
2) Aluminum foil detector is standard
3) LCD display and sum counter
4) Touching screen
5) Alarm system

1) Generator & coil combines thus once you change generator got damaged you will have to change generator with coil together.
(*Coil Size:16~60mm,16~80mm,60~120mm)

2) Price is higher than HF-2000

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